• Frequently Asked Questions


How big is the land? How many plots?

Herencia is a master planned residential land development on 100 acres. Professionally subdivided into 1/8th acre plots with ready tittles for developments of your dream home.

Where is the project located?

Herencia is in Thika, 2.1 km (5 mins) off the Thika Superhighway, Exit 16, along Bob Harris Road within the greater Nairobi Metropolitan Region.

What infrastructure is Herencia providing?

Herencia is providing:               

  • Paved roads
  • Footpaths
  • Drainage
  • Street lighting
  • Cycle lanes
  • Piped water from 2 boreholes
  • Well-manicured and landscaped lawns for common areas
  • Boundary wall Perimeter and manned gates and CCTV surveillance
  • Underground power reticulation
  • Fibre cable connection
  • Recreational areas
  • 4 Km Jogging track
How is the project phased?

Herencia will be constructed in 4 phases. 1st phase commenced in 1st Quarter-2023. Phase 1 will consist of 200 plots.

When did the project commence?

Construction commenced in 2nd Q 2023.

When will phase 2-4 commence?

The project will be rolled on phases based on demand and sales.

What are the amenities being provided?
  • Gatehouse
  • Management offices
  • Multipurpose courts
  • Commercial shops
What security measures are being implemented?
  • Herencia has 24hr manned gate houses at all entrances with guards patrolling throughout the day and an electric fence for the exterior perimeter.
  • Herencia also has backup alarm systems.
  • Each homeowner is at liberty to have additional Securicor company and back up alarm system for their property.
  • There is CCTV surveillance at strategic points.
  • Perimeter wall fencing around the entire project.
  • Well-lit compound with solar street lighting.
How is the water supply?

The water is supplied through Thika water and sewerage company plus additional 2 boreholes within Herencia. The water is pumped and stored in the underground and elevated water storage tanks.

What measures are you taking for power outages?

Common areas will be powered by solar energy. Homeowners are encouraged to make private arrangements for power outages. Install solar or have a standby generator.

How many parking spots do I get with the purchase of a plot?

According to the architectural typologies provided each home will have a minimum 2 parking spaces.

Will there be guest parking spots?

The community will have designated guest parking around the communal areas such as the mall. But this may be subject to parking fees based on facility management once the community is fully occupied.

Where can people dry their clothes?

The architectural typologies will give provision for hanging lines at the back of each home. No hanging lines will be permitted at the front side of any home.

Will you offer support to homeowners in sourcing materials and finishes?

We will liaise with several suppliers to assist homeowners procure the best materials within the building budget.

How long is the grace period for home construction after plot acquisition?

The buyer has 60 months from the possession/practical beacon certificate issuance date to begin construction.

Will you help me find a contractor?

We have pool of vetted and qualified contractors you can choose from.


How is the project financed?

The developer is independently financed

What payment options are available?

3 Month Payment Plan: Ksh.3.95 Million

Payment terms are as follows:

  • 100,000/- non-refundable booking fee on signing of booking form
  • 20% – less 100,000 upon signing of Letter of Offer (within 14 days)
  • 80% – Balance in 60 days

6 Month Payment Plan: Ksh. 4.2 Million

Payment terms are as follows:

  • 100,000/- non-refundable Booking Fee on signing of Booking Form
  • 20% – less 100,000 upon signing of Letter of Offer (within 14 days)
  • 80%- Balance in equal installments to completion

12 Month Payment Plan: Ksh. 4.45 Million

Payment terms are as follows:

  • 100,000/- non-refundable Booking Fee on signing of Booking Form
  • 20% – less 100,000 upon signing of Letter of Offer (within 14 days)
  • 80%-Balance in equal installments to completion
Who are your banking partners?

We have partnered with banks that we can recommend ensuring an efficient and timely process. However, you are free to engage your own financier.

What are your minimum deposit requirements?

20% of the purchase price.

What security do I have as I invest with you?

We have ready deed plans for transfer of ownership to our clients within 90 days. The developer has already invested in this survey process and has started construction of community infrastructure.

Why should I invest now?

The valuation of the plots once the infrastructure is done is way higher than the early bird pricing we are currently offering. Pricing is bound to increase. A comparative analysis with other residential housing schemes with little or no infrastructure development are selling same size of plots at the early bird price we are offering.



Who are your lawyers and their fees?

JK Kibicho Advocates and their negotiated fee is approximately Kes 50,000/=.

What is reversionary interest?

This is the transfer of ownership by the head lessor to the management company (to which every purchaser/lessee is a shareholder) to enable the management company to renew the lease on expiry of the term of the current lease.

Can you recommend lawyers who I can hire to represent me?

We have a recommended panel of lawyers. This can be shared upon request.

Who will issue us with the occupation certificates?

The architect issues the occupation certificate.

How long should it take to complete the purchase process?
  • The booking form is done instantly.
  • The letter of offer should be signed within 2 weeks of the booking form.
  • The sale agreement should be signed within 30 days of signing the letter of offer.
  • The registration of the title should take approximately 3 to 5 months.


How is the property going to be managed in the future?

We will have in place a management company fully appointed by Herencia Residents Association.

Do buyers get a share of the management company?

Yes, you will have a share of the management company which takes care of the residents’ welfare in terms of decision making and voting rights.

What is your service charge rates and how soon should one begin paying for it?

We expect the service charge to be approximately KShs 3,500/- per month.

Service charge commences once the beacon certificate and possession are issued.

What does service charge cater for?

Service charge is for community maintenance which include security, garbage collection, and landscaping among others. Kindly note that the developer does not make any profit. The service charge is fully audited by the owners and all service providers will eventually be selected by the management company run by the owners.

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