Tarmac Roads

Herencia will have tarmac roads throughout the entire community and embedded with drainage, a footpath, and street lighting.


The community will have utilities namely water (two boreholes on-site plus Thika water & sewerage company), electricity, and internet connection (fibre).

Community & Recreational Center

We would like homeowners to jell and network. There will be a community & recreational centre where members can meet for social events, entertainment, and recreational activities both for children and adults.


Land has been allocated for a school to be built by an investor. So, your lovely children won’t have to commute long distances and wake up during ungodly hours for quality education.

Commercial Hub

We have also considered your convenience and allocated land for the development of commercial shops to be operated by investors. While leaving here, you won’t have to go outside the community for regular household shopping.

Gatehouse & Perimeter Wall

Welcoming you to the community is a majestic gate shouldered by a high boundary wall to keep you safe and secure from the dangers of the outside world. The gate will be mannered by security and CCTV surveillance cameras at strategic points.

Seamless Fusion of Convenience & Good Living

Commercial Area

At Herencia, every aspect of life is carefully curated, ensuring that every need and desire is met within the confines of this master-planned gated community. It will not only offer an idyllic residential experience but also boast a vibrant and dynamic commercial area. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this commercial hub within Herencia is a testament to the community’s commitment to luxury living, convenience, and an elevated lifestyle. It harmoniously blends shopping, exquisite dining, and entertainment, creating a truly exceptional experience for residents and visitors alike. Come experience the unparalleled quality of life that awaits you within this prestigious community.

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